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Advisory committee reports low video gaming revenue – WIFR

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — Many city of Rockford leaders are raising concerns after some video gaming machines around the city don’t cash out as expected.

The Liquor and Tobacco Advisory Board shared numbers coming from video gaming machines from the two last quarters of 2017, leaving some aldermen in shock at the low number from the gaming machines revenue.

A look of concern on Alderman Frank Beach’s face when he heard the amount the new machines brought in. Confusion arose among aldermen when the board’s report estimated the revenue from the machines was only about $10,000, an estimate way lower than what aldermen thought those machines would have brought in.

“That’s not a right number either in my opinion. I mean you can’t tell me with 35 machines, in the last six months, that’s the only thing the city got was $10,000. That doesn’t make any sense at all and I really want to see what the numbers are,” said Alderman Frank Beach

Alderman Beach thinks the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and believes this to be an error. The Liquor and Tobacco Advisory Board says they are going to review the numbers and bring back a full report for next week’s meeting.

Revenue from those video gaming machines goes into a fund to finance city vehicles’ maintenance and replacement.

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