TIGARD, Ore. — Senior residents living at Royal Mobile Villas, a 55-and-older community in Tigard, are worried they won’t have running water during this week’s heat wave.

They’ve been without water three times in the past week. Water was restored on Tuesday, but many residents are asking how long it will stay on. It’s a big concern, considering temperatures are expected to hit triple digits several times this week.

“It’s like it’s fixed, it’s fixed today, so there’s no definitive anything really,” said Sherri, a resident at the property. “I would say that is probably on everybody’s mind here in this community. What’s next? How long is this going to last? How long is this going to hold?”

Residents at the mobile home community say they’ve had several disruptions in the water over the past two months, going without running water for extended periods of time.

A huge pipe at the complex is broken and crews have been out to the park working on the on-site water-delivery system throughout the summer, residents say. But many who live in the park say the system isn’t strong enough for the number of homes that are on the property.

The property is owned by Cal-Am, a California-based company. The Tigard Water District says the property owner is responsible for the water-delivery system.

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