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Apple launches global program to turn stores into education centres – NEWS.com.au

Apple senior vice president of online and retail stores Angela Ahrendts has announced a plan to turn Apple stores into educational centres. Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

THOSE frustrating phone calls from tech-challenged relatives could be a thing of the past with Apple unveiling a new program to help people understand how to use their gadgets.

While the Apple store has long had introductory courses for those new to Apple gadgets, the Cupertino-based tech giant today has announced a new global plan to turn the nearly 500 Apple stores to turn them into tech education centres.

The new program, called Today at Apple, can be traced back to the redesign of the flagship San Francisco store last year, decreasing the shelves that display products on sale to make room for a “town square”, which displays artwork and hosts educational talks, as the centre of the store.

The free programs are pitched at a variety of skill levels, and range from the basics of which button to hit to how to brand yourself on social media with the artwork you create.

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An example is photography, using the iPhone that has become the world’s most popular camera.

Apple’s new “Shot on iPhone” campaign, where a group of photographers capture life from dusk to dawn using the low-light camera on iPhone 7. Courtesy: Apple

The basic courses with include how to take and edit a photo, while advance courses in which photographers will lead people on city walks to demonstrate techniques using light, and shooting portraits.

In the changes to the Apple stores outline by Apple’s senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts, which begin rolling out next month, people will still take their broken gadgets to the Genius Bar to get fixed but they will now attend sessions on how to use their devices by a mix of professionals and what Apple is calling its “Creative Pros”.

The Today at Apple program will have 60 different sessions will include coding sessions for people wanting to learn how to make an app, photo and music labs and sessions aimed at children.

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