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Best new iOS and Android games of the week: June 25 – Pocket Gamer

Anything worth playing on iOS and Android this week? Of course there is! Allow us to expand.

If you haven’t visited these pages before, this is where we give you a brief overview of the best things we’ve been playing over the past seven days of mobile gaming. It’s another typically eclectic mix we’ve got for you this week.

Have you been playing anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Age of Rivals
By Roboto Games – buy on iOS / buy on Android

Age of Rivals takes a much more easy-going, mobile-friendly approach to the digital card game genre. It’s bright, snappy and intuitive – and you don’t need to obsess over acquiring new cards like you would in a CCG.

Panthera Frontier
By Ayopa Games – buy on iOS / buy on Android

If you’re a fan of thoughtful sci-fi adventure or strategy games like Out There and (particularly) FTL, Panthera Frontier is a bit of a no-brainer. Manage your crew of anthropomorphised animals and upgrade your spaceship.

By Colin Lane Games – download on iOS

Colin Lane is a bit of a whiz at combining sporting chaos and slapstick hilarity with just the right quantity of skill. To Wrassling and Dunkers you can now add Touchdowners – a brilliantly silly casual sports game that’s arguably the best of the lot.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories
By Night School Studios – download on iOS / download on Android

The latest Mummy movie reboot hasn’t been received at all well, but this mobile game tie-in is a much more respectable effort. You might expect that from the developer of Oxenfree, but you’re still getting a sharp narrative-driven adventure game here.

The Little Acre
By Curve Digital – buy on iOS

Okay, so a play through of The Little Acre won’t take you very long – an hour or two at best – but this point-and-click adventure tells an affecting tale with some excellent voice acting. Watch out for a few compatibility gremlins, though.

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