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Best new iOS and Android games of the week: May 21 – Pocket Gamer

Each week, a veritable flood of new games pours onto the App Store and Google Play Store. It can be quite overwhelming to keep track of what’s what.

Allow us to do a spot of curation for you. Here are five of the best games from the past seven days.

It’s a particularly good week, too, with some really good games coming out – all of which are available on both iOS and Android. This is what we like to see, developers.

Have you been playing anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Guns of Boom
By Game Insight – download on iOS / download on Android

We’re all big fans of this online FPS. Yes, that’s right, Guns of Boom is an online FPS that doesn’t suck or feel like a compromised experience. It’s bright, easy to pick up and play, and surprisingly tactical.

Old Man’s Journey
By Broken Rules – buy on iOS / buy on Android

You’re an old man on a journey. Doesn’t sound like the most thrilling game, does it? And yet Old Man’s Journey‘s beautiful art style and gentle platform-manipulating puzzles make for a memorable experience.

No Stick Shooter
By Happy Robot Games – buy on iOS / buy on Android

No Stick Shooter looks like a classic twin stick shooter, but of course it isn’t. There are no sticks here. Instead you must tap the screen to let off shots from your static tower, with the variety of its weaponry providing plenty of strategic posers.

Raster Prime
By Punk Labs – buy on iOS / buy on Android

Raster Prime might look weird – all bizarre sci-fi runes with a grainy pixel art style – but at heart it’s a simple puzzler that requires you to tap left or right in the correct sequence.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders
By Square Enix – buy on iOS / buy on Android

We’re surprised this mash-up hasn’t happened before, as both Arkanoid and Space Invaders involve moving a platform left and right. Here, though, you’re deflecting alien bullets back at them in a very satisfying way.

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