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Wild rumor of the day: Microsoft is making its own Android phone – BGR

Depending on how you look at it, Microsoft is both the biggest loser of the mobile business and one of the biggest winners. The iPhone and Android duopoly pushed Windows Phones out the door, and Microsoft had to call it quits a few years after purchasing Nokia’s mobile division. But …

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EU's Attack on Android Boosts Rivals in the Battle of the Apps – Bloomberg

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Motorola surprises everyone with its first Android Go smartphone – Android Authority (blog)

Motorola announced the Android Go version of the Moto E5 Play. Interestingly, there are some differences between the regular E5 Play and the Android Go version. The new E5 Play will launch in Europe and Latin America sometime in July. Motorola announced that the Moto E5 Play will launch in …

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How to Make Spam Calls Automatically Go to Voicemail on Android – Lifehacker

Image: Pexels Despite being on the Do Not Call list, I’ve somehow managed to make it onto some sort of robocall list where a woman named “Ann” is trying to sell me health insurance. Ann calls me at least a dozen times a day from numbers around the country (what …

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Google might face a $2.82 billion fine for pushing its services on Android – Android Central

When you get a new Android phone, you probably don’t think too much about the Google Search widget on your home screen, Chrome being set as the default browser, or all of Google’s big apps pre-installed out of the box. However, the European Commission certainly has and is planning on …

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Twitter rolling out a bottom bar on Android, removes swiping between tabs [Gallery] – 9to5Google

Back in May, Twitter began A/B testing a bottom bar for its Android client. Following other apps on the platform, this redesign is now widely rolling out today to all users. Nintendo Switch Twitter characterizes the redesign as making it easier to “navigate between all of your tabs.” Replacing the …

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Fitbit admits smartphone data and battery drain issue for Android users – Wareable

A few days ago, some Fitbit users started noticing something strange: The app was draining more data than usual – a lot more – and in some cases, smartphone battery too. Since then the issue has been reported by more and more people who have noticed their data …

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Sync Your To-Do List Across Firefox Browsers and Android Devices with Mozilla's 'Notes' – Lifehacker

As I mentioned earlier this morning, Mozilla rolled out two new apps the other day as part of its Test Pilot program: One for syncing passwords between your Firefox browser and your iOS device (and soon, Android), and another app (and extension) for synchronizing notes between your Firefox browser and …

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The Android P engineering team will be hosting a Reddit AMA on July 19 – 9to5Google

Just like last year, the engineering team behind Android P will be hosting a developer-focused Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on July 19th. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite This AMA comes shortly after the release of the third Android P beta and several weeks before the last Developer Preview. This opportunity gives developers …

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WPS is no longer available in Android P, Google may be ditching support for it entirely – 9to5Google

Android P isn’t a major overhaul to Google’s mobile OS, but it has a whole lot of tweaks built in. One change that flew under the radar, though, has been the option to use WPS. Apparently, that feature may not stick around in Android. The best gifts for Android users …

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