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Your next iPhone may be slower than Android phones – CNET

Apple has been using Intel 4G chips for some models of the iPhone and Qualcomm chips for others.  Sarah Tew/CNET Apple appears to be making some big changes to the chips in its upcoming iPhones — and that could mean your next iPhone downloads data slower than rival Android devices. …

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Snoopware installed by 11 million+ iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox users – Ars Technica

People often use ad blockers, disk-cleaners, and similar utilities to stop online trackers from monitoring their online activities. Now, researchers have uncovered a host of apps and browser extensions downloaded more than 11 million times that keep a list of every website ever visited and send it to servers operated …

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Google CEO To Take A Constructive Approach To Deal With Massive $5 Billion Android Fine – Forbes

Margrethe Vestager, the European Union antitrust cop, gave Google 90 days to end ‘illegal’ practices surrounding its Android operating system or face further fines, after slapping a record $5 billion anti-trust penalty on the US tech giant. (Photo by Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) In his comments during Google’s latest earnings …

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How to Set Up an Android Phone – Tom's Guide

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones worldwide, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. So, if you buy a new phone, statistically speaking, it’s likely to be an Android model. And, in general, that’s a good thing: Android is one of the most versatile and intuitive mobile OS …

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July's Android distribution numbers puts Oreo at 12.1% of active devices – GSMArena.com

Every month Google has been releasing Android’s distribution numbers for us to see how many devices are actively used and which version of Android those devices are running. It gives us an idea of how many devices are immediately upgradable to the latest version of Android. For some reason Google …

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If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping – The Register

The European Commission made the phrase “Android forks” a household word last week. But developers who wish to create and popularise their Android forks have just found the job got harder. The world’s No.3 phone seller, Huawei, which also sells tens of millions of Honor-brand phones each year, offered bootloader …

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Samsung's new 'Ingenius' commercials poke fun at the iPhone X – Android Police

… Source link

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The Story Behind Google's Secret Offer to Settle Android Probe – Bloomberg

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Google's iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary – Ars Technica

In light of the $5 billion EU antitrust ruling against Google this week, we started noticing a certain classic Ars story circulating around social media. Google’s methods of controlling the open source Android code and discouraging Android forks is exactly the kind of behavior the EU has a problem with, …

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How to add iPhone X gestures to your Android phone – The Verge

The best feature of Apple’s iPhone X isn’t its hardware or design; it’s the extremely fun, easy-to-use, and efficient gesture-based navigation system that replaces the old home button. Apple’s use of gestures in the iPhone X has spurred a renaissance in gesture UIs, and many companies are now developing their …

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