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Best iPhone and Android party games to play with your family this Christmas – TechRadar

You’re full of turkey, you’ve had a fair few alcoholic drinks and you’re drowning in wrapping paper, but then someone in your family plucks up and says, “shall we play a game?” It’s then you realize all that’s on offer is Monopoly – which is set to last until at …

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Chrome for Android is adding Language Settings for better Multilingual Support – XDA Developers (blog)

The most popular web browser in the world is by far Google’s Chrome browser, though Mozilla’s latest Firefox Quantum browser aims to dethrone it. Google doesn’t intend to sit idly by as its competitors improve their browsers. Indeed, the company is continuously working to improve its Chrome browser as we’ve …

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The iPhone X is beating Android where it matters the most – BGR

The iPhone X may be expensive, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. The best iPhone Apple has ever made has been sold out around the world since it hit preorders early on October 27th. But people are still flocking to buy it, and China seems to be a …

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'AutoNotification' adds fully customization actions to Gmail notifications on Android [Video] – 9to5Google

Notifications on Android are pretty much the best you can find today, but they’re not perfect. Part of that is on the operating system, but a larger part lies on developers taking full advantage of what Android offers. In many cases, it’s third-party developers who come up with the best …

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Instagram's Android app gets 'add a comment' button in main feed – Android Central

Now you can tell your aunt how cute her cat is even faster. Instagram’s added a heap of new features to its app throughout the year (both big and small), and the latest addition to it aims to make commenting on photos/videos easier than ever. As part of a server-side …

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Android lockdown: Google urges phone makers to support Oreo's rollback protection – ZDNet

Google is urging more manufacturers to enable a new security feature in Android Oreo that detects if a device has been downgraded to an earlier version of the OS. Dubbed rollback protection, the measure adds another layer of security in the event a device is lost or stolen and the …

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Currency-mining Android malware is so aggressive it can physically harm phones – Ars Technica

A newly discovered piece of Android malware carries out a litany of malicious activities, including showing an almost unending series of ads, participating in distributed denial-of-service attacks, sending text messages to any number, and silently subscribing to paid services. Its biggest offense: a surreptitious cryptocurrency miner that’s so aggressive it …

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Google Owns 100% Of 2017's Top 10 Fastest-Growing SDKs On Android – Forbes

Forbes Google Owns 100% Of 2017’s Top 10 Fastest-Growing SDKs On AndroidForbesGoogle built what Android is today, and as such has a privileged position in the ecosystem. But it’s still shocking to see that the search and mobile giant owns every single one of the ten fastest-growing software development kits …

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LastPass updates Android app to support Microsoft's Edge browser [APK Download] – Android Police

As Microsoft’s abandonment of Windows phone continued apace this year, the company moved to release more of its core apps on Android, and that included its Edge browser. It’s been pretty successful, with more than one million installs, probably due to the “continuous browsing experience” it offers Windows 10 users. …

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Android 8.0 Oreo: Millions missing out on blockbuster update, here's why you can't upgrade – Express.co.uk

GETTY • GOOGLE Android Oreo adoption has been slow, with only 0.5% of devices running the new software Google launched its Android 8.0 Oreo back in summer, after six months of beta releases. The new operating system includes a slew of new features, including support for picture-in-picture video playback, Bluetooth …

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