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Android O Developer Preview 3 launches, finalizes APIs – Ars Technica

Less than a month after the release of the second Android O developer preview, Google is back dropping yet another version of the OS on us. The third developer preview should be rolling out to beta devices now, and along with an update to the Android Studio SDK, it finalizes the …

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Dexcom Share's long-awaited Android app clears FDA – MobiHealthNews

At long last, Dexcom’s Share app, which allows users to view and share data from their G5 continuous glucose monitors, will be available for Android users. The Android app just now received FDA clearance, and the company will roll out the app this month. The launch is a long time …

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Pop-up Android adware uses social engineering to resist deletion – The Register

A malicious Android app that downloads itself from advertisements posted on forums strongly resists removal, security firm Zscaler warns. The dodgy Android utility poses as “Ks Clean”, an Android cleaner app. Once installed, the app displays a fake system update message in which the only option presented to the user …

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Facebook introduces new Android TV app, only allows you to watch videos – 9to5Google

Without actually announcing anything, the Facebook application on the Google Play Store has been updated to also work on Android TV. Don’t get too excited just yet as the application on your big screen won’t actually resemble the news feed found on the web or on your phone. What Facebook does …

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ZTE Quartz watch review: The Best Android Wear value, plain and simple – PCWorld

Android Wear might not be the most powerful or versatile wearable OS, but it’s always had one big advantage over its competitors: variety. The first round of Android wearables was a diverse lot—square and round, classic and sporty, big and small—and no matter your taste, you were pretty much guaranteed …

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Android Distribution Updated for June 2017: Nougat is At 9.5%, Apple! – Droid Life (press release) (blog)

After Apple did its best to clown Android’s slow adoption of its newest Android version earlier today, Google clapped back with fire, showing Apple that Nougat is actually doing much better than the 7% Apple mocked. The real Android distribution numbers, updated moments ago, show a huuuuuuuge Nougie increase from May …

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Top music player apps for Android – GSMArena.com

When it comes to playing locally stored music on an Android device, most people just use the app that comes pre-installed, which in most cases is Google Play Music, which isn’t really your best option. Some people use Poweramp, but that’s not ideal either if you want something that’s simple …

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Polar M600 remains the best GPS smartwatch available thanks to Android Wear 2.0 – ZDNet

Image: Polar Last September, I reviewed the Polar M600 Android Wear smartwatch and labeled it the best smartwatch for sports-focused people. With the release of Android Wear 2.0 for the M600 and new competing watches from Apple, LG, and Huawei, it is clear to me that the Polar M600 is …

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Android O is All But Confirmed to be Android 8.0 – XDA Developers (blog)

Before you snicker at the headline in disbelief, hear me out for a second: while it’s widely assumed that the next major version of Android – Android O – will be version 8.0 of the mobile operating system, it has never actually been confirmed. Take a look around every reputable …

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Best Android phones you can buy [June 2017] – 9to5Google

Looking for a new smartphone? There are dozens upon dozens of great options on the market today, but finding the best of the best can be a bit difficult. We’ve seen some great launches through the year and more should be coming soon too, so let’s take a look at …

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