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The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there's room for improvement – GCN.com

INDUSTRY INSIGHT The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there’s room for improvement The world was a different place when the National Institute of Standards and Technology introduced the first version of its Cybersecurity Framework in 2014. Yes, there were some noteworthy intrusions in the mid-2000s, such as the attack …

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Malware, Web-Based Attacks Remain Top Cybersecurity Threats: EU Cybersecurity Agency – Bloomberg BNA

Jan 18, 2018 / by Malware, Web-Based Attacks Remain Top Cybersecurity Threats: EU Cybersecurity Agency Malware and web-based attacks topped the list of European Union cybersecurity threats in 2017, the EU’s cybersecurity agency concluded in its sixth annual report.  Web application attacks, phishing, and spam attacks rounded …

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Hiring Cloud Talent Will Improve Cybersecurity – Data Center Knowledge

Joseph Strongone is VP of  Global Talent Acquisition for Palo Alto Networks. Public, private and hybrid cloud environments are more accessible than ever, allowing organizations to scale more quickly and efficiently. With more companies migrating to the cloud, concerns for data protection also increase. From safely enabling SaaS applications to …

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How Prime Numbers Are Used for Cybersecurity – Pacific Standard

It may seem odd to spend enormous amounts of time to discover new prime numbers, but these figures play a key role in keeping information safe in the digital age. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Prime numbers are more than just numbers that can only be divided by themselves and one. …

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How Will Macau's New Cybersecurity Legislation Impact Freedom of Speech? – Global Voices Online

Global Voices Online How Will Macau’s New Cybersecurity Legislation Impact Freedom of Speech?Global Voices OnlineThe city is now en route to reviewing the proposed Cybersecurity Law. A long political “watch list” of individuals who have spoken out for democracy in Hong Kong have been labelled as “threat” to the city’s …

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Cybersecurity – Business 2 Community

If you’re a small business owner who thinks that you don’t need to worry about about cyber security, think again. The Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity report surveyed 600 small businesses, finding not only that “no business is immune to a cyber attack or data breach,” but that …

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Small businesses still aren't acting on cybersecurity and most aren't ready for an attack – CSO Australia

New cybersecurity guidance from the Australian government offers a checklist for a small-business sector that is crying out for easier security solutions – and, if recent figures are any guide, knows it is hopelessly exposed to cybersecurity attack despite years of attempted education. Smaller businesses came up well behind their …

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Taiwanese police give cyber-security quiz winners infected devices … – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Police have apologised after giving infected memory sticks as prizes in a government-run cyber-security quiz. Taiwan’s national police agency said 54 of the flash drives it gave out at an event highlighting a government’s cybercrime crackdown contained malware. The virus, which can steal personal data and …

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Why Thinking Like Your Enemy Is A Valuable Strategy For Your Cybersecurity Portfolio – Forbes

Forbes Why Thinking Like Your Enemy Is A Valuable Strategy For Your Cybersecurity PortfolioForbesBut the businesses that are most successful at counteracting the threats to their specific crown jewels will be those best positioned in today’s volatile and ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Recently, I had the chance to speak with George …

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Police give out infected USBs as prizes in cybersecurity quiz – Naked Security

Lisa Vaas I’ve been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995. I rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for eWEEK, popped out with the 2008 crash, joined the freelancer economy, and am still writing for my beloved peeps at places like Sophos’s Naked Security, CIO Mag, …

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