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Lincoln County charitable gaming – a win for gamblers and the community – knopnews2

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) – Charitable gaming is the state’s answer to satisfying a desire to gamble, while helping communities grow. In 2017, Lincoln County had charitable gaming revenues of:Bingo: $106,421Pickle Cards: $989,289Lottery/Raffle: $151,832Keno: $6,622,834 2017 LIncoln County totals were $7,870,376 (which was up from $7,061,230 in 2016). Dawson County: …

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The dumbest armour in PC gaming history – PC Gamer

Historically, the main purpose of armor was to protect your guts from incoming weapons or look shiny and impressive for ceremonial purposes. In games, it’s often tough to tell what the blacksmith was thinking. Whether it’s over-engineered spiky nonsense or skimpy BDSM gear, its most common job seems to be …

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Gaming is all about bringing people together. There will be plenty of that this weekend. – News & Observer

Younger readers may not be aware of this, but there was a time in American culture when it was not cool to like games. Video games, board games, role-playing games – all were considered the purview of nerds and geeks. And to be clear, nerds and geeks weren’t cool, either. …

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Top gaming stocks – Motley Fool

Gambling is an integral part of the history of humanity, and today’s massive casino resorts are just the latest incarnation of an institution that dates back millennia into the past. The modern casino industry refers to the gambling that its patrons do through slot machines, table games, and sports books …

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The dark side of the gaming community – Reader's Feature – Metro

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – does the gaming community have a problem? A reader offers a controversial view on gaming’s attitude to race and social issues, and the vitriolic manner in which it is often discussed. We need to talk about gaming’s attitude to race and social issues. It polarises instantly …

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Just 1 hour of gaming may improve attention – Medical News Today

Medical News Today Just 1 hour of gaming may improve attentionMedical News TodayResearchers suggest that gaming for just 1 hour may boost attention. The study — which was conducted by scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu — found that participants who spent 1 …

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My New Gamer Chair Fills Me With Shame And Existential Dread – Kotaku

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been sitting in the same piece of shit: a gray swivel chair that I got at Target as a teenager. It creaks if you look at it; it’s covered in enormous amounts of my hair. It does not do my body any favors. Very possibly …

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Is Gaming Technology 'Medicine's New Frontier?' – Forbes

Forbes Is Gaming Technology ‘Medicine’s New Frontier?’ForbesThe Internet is rife with articles about the potentially harmful effects of gaming. Psychologists and parents have been debating the pros and cons of the issue for decades now—namely whether video games promote violence, social isolation and obesity … Source link

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Top stock-picking hedge funds love gaming, health care and media shares – CNBC

The top hedge fund stock pickers in the market bought some media, health care and gaming stocks in the fourth quarter. CNBC used data from hedge fund tracking firm Symmetric.io to find the top 10 managers and their biggest bets, according to recent filings. Hedge funds report their holdings in …

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Las Vegas gaming company boards below average in women members – Las Vegas Review-Journal

The boards of Las Vegas’ six largest gaming employers have just nine women among their 58 directors, and only two of the boards have female representation that is higher than the 21.2 percent average for S&P 500 companies, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit advocate for women in business. Steve Wynn …

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