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Camera accessory maker Moment launches camera app for iOS and Android – GSMArena.com

Moment is a brand known for making camera accessories for smartphones. The company makes a range of lenses, which work with their specially designed cases for the iPhone. It has now launched a mobile camera app for both iPhone and Android. Called Moment, the app features manual controls for photo …

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Take control of notifications in iOS 12 with Do Not Disturb Siri Suggestions – AppleInsider

Siri is getting more proactive in iOS 12. When Apple’s next-gen operating system launches this fall, it will get a slew of fresh Siri integrations that include smart notification management via Siri Suggestions for Do Not Disturb. Siri’s new predictive suggestions are pure extensions of previous capabilities rolled out in …

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iOS 12: How to customize grouped notifications – Macworld

iOS 12: How to customize grouped notifications | Macworld ‘); consent.ads.queue.push(function(){ try { IDG.GPT.addDisplayedAd(“gpt-superstitial”, “true”); $(‘#gpt-superstitial’).responsiveAd({screenSize:’971 1115′, scriptTags: []}); IDG.GPT.log(“Creating ad: gpt-superstitial [971 1115]”); } catch (exception) { console.log(“Error with IDG.GPT: ” + exception); } }); Still want your app notifications to come in one at a time? iOS 12 …

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New iOS 11.4.1 feature may protect your iPhone from getting hacked — or cracked by cops – USA TODAY

An iOS upgrade makes it harder for hackers and other outside parties to access a locked phone via the Lightning port. (Photo: Reviewed.com / Michael Desjardin) You may need to unlock your passcode-protected iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to connect it to a Mac, PC, or a USB accessory, Apple says. …

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The most popular iOS apps ever – Komando

I’m sure that you remember all of the hype in 2017 about the iPhone. That’s because it was the 10-year anniversary of Apple’s signature gadget. In honor of that anniversary, Apple released the impressive iPhone X. One thing that makes smartphones great is the abundance of apps that are available. …

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Chromebook X2, BB KEY2, iOS 12 beta, Samsung WearOS (MobileTechRoundup show #438) – ZDNet

Another week has passed and there are still plenty of things to chat about in the mobile space. Kevin just bought something yesterday that we covered on MobileTechRoundup show #438. Image: ZDNet Kevin gives the BlackBerry Key2 a try BBM: Good for families? Maybe… More iPhone predictions on cost, color …

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IOS 11 camera guide – KSWO

By Julian Chokkattu Content Provided by   Apple’s Live Photos first debuted on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and the feature added a bit of flourish to standard still photographs. In this mode, the camera captures 1.5 seconds of video and audio before and after you tap the shutter …

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Early testimonial of iOS 12's 'Live Listen' with AirPods shows just how useful it could be – 9to5Mac

With iOS 12, Apple is expanding its “Live Listen” feature to AirPods. This means users can have their iPhone act as a directional microphone, with audio being played back live to a pair of AirPods. The feature could have incredible benefits for those with hearing problems, and one of the …

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Hands-on: Shortcuts brings powerful automation tools, with support for Siri to iOS – 9to5Mac

One of the more exciting things that users are looking forward to in iOS 12 is the new Shortcuts app. While it’s an invite-only beta via TestFlight, we’ve managed to get our hands on it, and this is what we think thus far… As it’s a beta right now, we’ll …

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Twitterrific confirms push notifications and livestream changes in iOS and MacOS – Firstpost

Third-party apps like Twitterrific are soon going to have a hard time as Twitter will bring changes to its access system which might affect Twitterrific users who prefer their push notifications to arrive in real time. Twitter is bringing changes to the Account Activity API where apps will be required to …

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