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Apple's Nasty Secret Causes Serious iPhone Problems – Forbes

Forbes Apple’s Nasty Secret Causes Serious iPhone ProblemsForbesrecently confirmed its nasty secret: iOS slows down iPhones. Software enabling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S to be throttled was introduced in iOS 10.2.1 and Apple admitted the iPhone 7 was added to that list in early December through iOS 11.2. But …

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Girl's tattoo of late grandma's voicemail can be played with iPhone – KHOU

Nia Wesley, KENS 8:23 PM. CST January 03, 2018 (Photo: Sakyrah Morris) A Chicago singer honored her late grandmother in a unique way. Sakyrah Morris held on to a voicemail her grandmother sent her just a month before she passed away. She got a tattoo of the voicemail’s exact sound waves. …

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Teenager admits attacking pregnant woman for her iPhone – Liverpool Echo

A teenager who attacked a pregnant woman for her iPhone and snatched her dog has been locked up for four years. Ethan Taylor, 18, was identified as the ringleader of a gang-of-three who targeted a couple as they walked their pet close to their home in Seaforth. Liverpool crown court …

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Apple Leak Details 3 Massive New iPhones – Forbes

Forbes Apple Leak Details 3 Massive New iPhonesForbesWhile it was silence about the iPhone SE2, TrendForce states the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will use a second generation of Face ID technology. This is expected to result in an increased screen-to-body ratios (presumably from a smaller notch) and …Apple’s …

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Apple reportedly replacing iPhone batteries at discount regardless of diagnostic test – WBIR-TV

A customer shows off the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at a store in Tokyo. Shizuo Kambayashi, AP Apple is now reportedly swapping any iPhone battery at its discounted $29 replacement price regardless of the battery’s capacity, a more flexible stance than last week’s offer to change batteries …

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Forget Your iPhone X, Ignore The Samsung And Pixel 2 Choices, This Is Your Smartphone Of 2017 – Forbes

Forbes Forget Your iPhone X, Ignore The Samsung And Pixel 2 Choices, This Is Your Smartphone Of 2017ForbesOnce more I have the curious challenge of picking my smartphone of the year. Thanks to the industry pretty much agreeing on the performance and specifications required of a flagship handset, I’m going …

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Teenager with Ozarks roots solved Apple's iPhone slowdown – KY3

A teenager born in Reeds Spring is in the world spotlight after discovering Apple slowed down the older versions of its iPhones. Tyler Barney, 17, who now lives in Tennessee, noticed his iPhone 6S slowed down with a software update. But it sped up again with a new battery. His …

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Best iPhone and Android apps to help you keep your New Year's resolutions – TechRadar

Keeping those New Year’s resolutions could be tricky with all the distractions 2018 is set to bring, but what if you could use your phone to help you keep on track? There are lots of apps on the market that can help you keep your head in the game and …

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Apple iPhone Throttling Debacle Underscores Critical Right To Repair Legislation Issue – Forbes

TechCrunch Apple iPhone Throttling Debacle Underscores Critical Right To Repair Legislation IssueForbesApple has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately it seems, from the underselling iPhone X, to its recent #ThrottleGate PR nightmare where the company was caught throttling iPhone processors, in an effort it claimed was aimed …

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Here's exactly how your iPhone gets slower when you have an old battery — and how to replace it – Business Insider

Will Wei/Business Insider Apple on Thursday apologized because some customers were upset that it slowed down iPhones with older batteries. Older iPhones can take longer to launch apps, may display choppy scrolling, and can have dimmer screens and quieter speakers. According to Apple, it’s a “power management” feature that helps …

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