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Rush to fix 'serious' computer chip flaws

Image copyright Getty Images Tech firms are working to fix bugs that could allow hackers to steal personal data from computer systems. Google researchers said there were “serious security flaws” in chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM, affecting devices which use them. The industry has been aware of the …

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Psychedelic toasters fool image recognition tech

Image copyright Getty Images A team of Google researchers has created psychedelic stickers that can fool image recognition software into seeing objects that are not there. Using a toaster as an example, the team produced colourful computer-generated patterns by sampling hundreds of photographs of the appliance. When the patterns were …

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Dating website eHarmony's 'scientific' match ad banned

Image copyright ASA A dating website’s claim that it used a “scientifically proven matching system” to pair up those looking for love, has been banned. An advert for eHarmony on the London Underground in July read: “It’s time science had a go at love”. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) called …

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Pokemon Go game set to launch in China

Image copyright NOEL CELIS Image caption Pokemon Go was so popular in the Philippines that it was banned in government offices Pokemon Go maker Niantic has announced plans to launch its monster-catching game in China. The firm told the Financial Times it would bring the augmented reality game to China …

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US says Romanians hacked Washington DC police cameras

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Washington police security was compromised by a computer hack in January US prosecutors have charged two Romanians with hacking Washington DC police computers linked to surveillance cameras just days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The pair are being held in Romania, having been arrested …

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Germany starts enforcing hate speech law

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook is one of the social media companies affected by NetzDG Germany is set to start enforcing a law that demands social media sites move quickly to remove hate speech, fake news and illegal material. Sites that do not remove “obviously illegal” posts could …

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Call for tech giants to face taxes over extremist content

Image copyright Reuters Internet companies should face a tax punishment for failing to deal with the threat of terrorism in the UK, security minister Ben Wallace has said. Mr Wallace said firms such as Facebook, Google and YouTube were too slow to remove radical content online, forcing the government to …

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Police shoot man dead after alleged Call of Duty 'swatting' hoax

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAndrew Finch was shot at his front door on 28 December in Wichita, Kansas A man has been arrested after an alleged “swatting” prank call led to police shooting dead a 28-year-old man. Andrew Finch was shot at his front door on …

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Contact made with 'missing' Angolan satellite

Image copyright AFP Image caption Launched on 26 December, Angosat-1 will improve TV, radio and net communications in Angola Russian scientists have restored communications with a satellite days after they lost contact with it. Launched on 26 December, Angosat-1 will boost mobile and net communications in Angola as well as …

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New Year Honours 2018: AI chief Demis Hassabis made CBE

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption DeepMind chief executive Demis Hassabis British artificial intelligence researcher Demis Hassabis has been recognised on the New Year Honours list. Mr Hassabis is chief executive of DeepMind, which has developed software that can beat human experts at the complex board game Go. He was …

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