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The top 30 gadgets of 2016 – The Guardian

This first person-view drone can bank, twist and zoom through the heavens at nearly 50mph. Probably as close as you can get to flying without leaving the ground. In a noisy market this speaker from the British hi-fi manufacturer cemented their reputation for beautifully constructed, connected speakers that produce a …

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This Is Why People (Not Technology) Are Still Your Greatest Asset – Forbes

Forbes This Is Why People (Not Technology) Are Still Your Greatest AssetForbesInnovation in technology is rapidly developing daily, and changing the way businesses are run. Earlier this week, Amazon revealed a huge new business development with a brick and mortar store called AmazonGo without cashiers – shoppers simply swipe … Source …

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Magic Leap raised $1.4 billion using technology that likely won't be in the real product – Business Insider

Magic Leap Magic Leap, a hot startup last valued at $4.5 billion, raised $1.4 billion in funding by showcasing a prototype technology that likely won’t be used in its commercial product, according to a report by The Information’s Reed Albergotti. The prototype, called “The Beast,” is described as a “rectangular, shoulder-width” …

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New sensor technology for e-vehicle batteries – Science Daily

Science Daily New sensor technology for e-vehicle batteriesScience DailyNew sensor technology for e-vehicle batteries. Date: December 8, 2016; Source: Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum; Summary: Engineers have developed a new concept for current and voltage sensors for batteries that might become particularly relevant for electric … Source link

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Showcasing the Benefits of NASA Technology Here on Earth – Universe Today

Every year, NASA showcases how the technology it develops for exploring space and studying other worlds has applications here on planet Earth. It’s what known as Spinoff, an annual publication that NASA’s Technology Transfer Program has been putting out since 1976. Since that time, they have showcased over 2000 examples …

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Volvo S90: car review – The Guardian

Price: from £32,995Top speed: 145mph0-62mph: 6.7 secondsMPG: up to 64.2CO2: 116g/km Douglas Adams once set out his rules to describe our reactions to technology: “1) Anything already in the world when you’re born is just the way it works; 2) Anything that’s invented when you’re between 15 and 35 is …

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