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Britney Spears: Malware planted in singer's Instagram page

Image copyright Instagram Image caption Comments on the photo-sharing site were crafted to help control the malware The comments section of Britney Spears’ Instagram account has been used by cyber-thieves to co-ordinate attacks. Security firm Eset found the gang controlled its malware, called Turla, by posting comments about images in …

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Sony sells one million VR headsets

Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption Sony said sales had exceeded expectations Sony has sold more than one million virtual reality (VR) headsets, the company has said. President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Atsushi Morita said sales had “exceeded our expectations”. The headset, at $399 (£308), is cheaper than rival devices …

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Uber fires 20 staff after harassment investigation

Image copyright Getty Images Uber has fired more than 20 people, and is taking other actions against staff, after a harassment investigation. The taxi-app firm said the sackings related to sexual harassment, bullying and issues about poor company culture. Uber has been under fire over its treatment of women staff …

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US contractor Reality Winner arrested after NSA leak report

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Ms Winner was arrested on Saturday A US government contractor has been arrested on suspicion of leaking top-secret information to a news outlet. Reality Leigh Winner, 25, allegedly removed classified material from a federal site in the state of Georgia. The charges were announced shortly …

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Baby bytes

Image copyright Kristina Martin Image caption Ashley Albert used a breastfeeding app to help her keep track when nursing her girls Caring for a new baby can be an overwhelming experience – there’s lots to cope with and keep track of. And breastfeeding isn’t as easy as it looks. Can …

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London attack: Politicians v the internet

Image copyright EPA Image caption The PM says internet giants have provided a “safe space” for extremist ideology Prime Minister Theresa May has said more must be done to tackle terrorism online. In a speech on Sunday, following the terrorist attack in London, she said the internet provided a “safe …

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London attack: PM's condemnation of tech firms criticised

Image copyright Getty Images Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that her promise to tighten regulation on tech firms after the London attacks will not work. Mrs May said areas of the internet must be closed because tech giants provided a “safe space” for terrorist ideology. But the Open …

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Tech leaders defy Trump on climate deal

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Elon Musk has vacated his seat on Trump’s business leaders’ panel The biggest US tech firms are rallying behind the 2015 Paris climate agreement, despite President Trump’s decision to leave it. Mr Trump’s move has been met with dismay from other world leaders signed …

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YouTube clarifies 'hate speech' rules

Image copyright Getty Images YouTube has clarified its rules on hate speech to enable video-makers to know which content it considers to be “advertiser-friendly”. In a blog post, the video-sharing website said it would not allow adverts to appear alongside “hateful” or discriminatory content. YouTube said it was making the …

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US can ask visa applicants for social media history

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Visa applicants to the US may be asked for social media usernames, email addresses and phone numbers The Trump administration has approved plans to ask US visa applicants for details of their social media use. Consular officials can now ask for social media usernames …

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