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Apple Watch 'not syncing' in cheap deal

Image copyright Vitality Image caption Customers need to acquire 160 activity points per month to avoid paying extra for the watch Some customers who purchased the latest Apple Watch for £69 ($86) under a deal offered by Vitality Insurance are complaining that their activity data is not being uploaded by …

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Smart baby-trackers mostly unnecessary, say US doctors

Image copyright Getty Images A group of paediatricians has called for smart health-trackers, designed to monitor babies while they sleep, to be regulated by the same US body that oversees other medical equipment. The monitors, which often take the form of sensors fitted to clothing or nappies, measure signs such …

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Virtual reality 'could help treat vertigo'

Image copyright Thinkstock Virtual reality could be used to diagnose and treat visual vertigo, according to a team of Cardiff University psychologists. People with the condition suffer from dizziness and nausea and often cite places with repetitive visual patterns, such as supermarkets, as the trigger. A team of psychologists is …

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Lunar New Year makeover for online game Overwatch

Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment Image caption Chinese mythology meets modern day gaming in Overwatch’s latest skin pack If you are in Asia this time of year, you can’t avoid Lunar New Year festivities, not even if you try to escape into one of the most popular online games. US gaming …

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Facebook snaps up Xiaomi's Hugo Barra

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Barra is a prominent technology executive Facebook has hired Hugo Barra to lead its development of virtual reality products, following his departure from Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. Mr Barra announced his decision to leave China on Monday. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said the pair …

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Badlands on Twitter: US park climate change tweets deleted

Image copyright Getty Images A US national park has posted a series of tweets about climate change that were later deleted. “Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate,” said one of the tweets. The posts by …

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Zuckerberg dismisses presidential bid rumours

Image copyright Reuters Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says he has no plans to run for president of the United States. When asked by Buzzfeed News, he said: “No, I’m focused on building our community at Facebook and working on the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.” Speculation that Mr Zuckerberg might run …

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First person perspective Resident Evil 'is the right move'

The people behind the new Resident Evil game insist switching to a first person perspective was “the right thing to do”. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the only title in the series to put the player directly in the action. Initial fan reaction to the move has been mixed. But …

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Massive networks of fake accounts found on Twitter

Image copyright PashaIgnatov Image caption The networks of fake accounts can be used to boost followers or post junk messages Massive collections of fake accounts are lying dormant on Twitter, suggests research. The largest network ties together more than 350,000 accounts and further work suggests others may be even bigger. …

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Australia plans biometric border control

Image copyright AFP Image caption Iris and facial recognition systems are increasingly being used in airports The Australian government is planning to allow 90% of travellers to pass through passport control without human help by 2020. With a $100m (£80m) budget, it has begun the search for technology companies that …

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