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Making money online requires hard work, discipline, and lots of paitience.

I hear a lot of people complain, complain, complain. “Why can’t I be making money online?” “I never had fast enough results!” or the always classic “I don’t have a single dollar can I still make money online with no work?” Meanwhile they are looking at Facebook, playing on their cell phone, or watching T.V. Putting no effort into their own success.

That’s the problem with most of the world today, everyone wants something for free. Then they nag your ear off about how they never get anything they want.

Well here’s the BIG SECRET that you think is being kept from you while others in the know make out like bandits and claim all the rewards for themselves.


There it is, I said it. I spilled the beans. 3 simple words to live by.

The training Four Percent provides shows you every single little step that is needed to be successful in the online money making niche.

Constantly I see people cut corners, cheap out, or ignore steps altogether.

So you don’t understand where to even begin with that certain step? Here’s where that paitence thing comes in. Don’t just skip it because you think it may not be needed. Remember you don’t even know where to start? How can you even know it’s not a keystone in the whole process? Sit back, take a deep breath, watch the training again if you have to. Absorb. Take notes. Listen.

How can you be successful if you don’t learn the road that takes you there first? Success takes time, hard work, discipline. Many sleepless nights.


Dont cheap out. This is your business. Take it by the horns and kick ass. Be enthused, pumped up, estatic. If you send cheap traffic, ignore the opt-in page and auto responder, and send people directly to your affiliate link with no warm up you will probably see ZERO results.

Don’t be afraid to spend. If you set up everything the way it was handed to you and if you follow through with action and learning, then your money will come right back to you. The key here is that your are educated enough and confident enough to plow through any obsticles that may be in your way.

It is your responsibilty to learn the tools that are handed you on a silver platter with the Four Percent. Yes you can have a free account. But don’t ignore the tools that are tought. All the external tools come with free trials and are cheap to maintain. You have to make sure your do everything in your power to buckle down and learn.

Learn everything. Watch everything until you understand. Check out the facebook group and ask for help. Just please don’t quit before you even attempt to find a solution. We have all the knowledge of the world at our finger tips. Search google, youtube or your other favorite site.

The bottom line in this whole thing is that you and only you are responsible for your own ups and downs in the make money online niche. Just apply your self and you will do just fine.

Success comes with that go getter attitude, putting your face out there, becoming an unstopable influencer force. We teach you that and more. Only at the Four Percent.


(I want to see what I can do with this massive amount of knowledge before I decide to kick ass)



(I’m ready to kick ass now!)

I had someone respond to one of my auto responder messages with “Tim. Thank you. But really id feel like a success if i had got paid even once by anybody. Nobody has ever paid me. Boo” This person didn’t even have a FREE ACCOUNT. They just signed up on my list and that was the most effort that they could mustor to succeed. RESULTS REQUIRE ACTION!


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