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Free PC Games: Origin Access Adds 9 More Soon – GameSpot

Update: It turns out there are actually nine games coming to Origin Access this week, around the world, though they won’t be available everywhere. More details follow below.

The original story is below.

Publisher EA’s PC subscription service, Origin Access, is adding more free games to its “Vault” of freebies. Nine more games are coming to the library on May 17, and interestingly, they are not all published by EA itself. That’s not entirely surprising, however, as Origin Access has already added many non-EA games.

As announced on EA’s website, five more games will be available in Australia and New Zealand: Europa Universalis III Complete, Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Edition, The Guest, Hearts of Iron III, and Victoria I Complete. These games, as well as Tyranny Commander Edition, Abzu, Kingdom: New Lands, and GoNNER, will be available for the rest of the world.

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Origin Access has more than 80 games already in its library of freebies; you can see a full rundown of the titles here. In addition to free games, subscribers save 10 percent on Origin purchases and can play some of EA’s upcoming games multiple days ahead of launch.

A similar service, EA Access, is offered on Xbox One with its own library of free games. No version of the program is available on PlayStation 4, though the door isn’t completely shut.

The service costs $5/month or $30/year.

Origin Access Games Coming May 17:

  • Europa Universalis III Complete (ANZ only)
  • Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Edition (ANZ only)
  • The Guest (ANZ only)
  • Hearts of Iron III (ANZ only)
  • Victoria I Complete (ANZ only)
  • Tyranny Commander Edition
  • Abzu
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • GoNNER

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