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Gadget Guru: Smart safe provides peace of mind for protecting … – Bradenton Herald

The iKeyp Bolt smart home safe ($149) is the first of its kind to keep valuables locked up and controlled from anywhere.

Sure, it’s handy to speak a command and my lights turn on or to control my sprinklers with a smartphone.

But having the iKeyp Bolt secured in place to store items such as medicine, money, passports, jewelry, a small gun and ammunition – all in the same place – is innovative.

That is what the iKeyp Bolt is all about. The safe can be opened or closed in three ways: a keypad on the front, an emergency key or with a smartphone app (iOS and Android).

There’s no installation – all that’s needed are four AA batteries.

In addition to opening or closing the safe from anywhere with your smartphone, you can get real-time notifications when the safe has been opened or closed by anyone, giving you 24-7 monitoring. This includes failed keypad attempt notifications.

Think of all the uses for the iKeyp Bolt, not only in your home, but an elderly parent’s home or even a dorm room.

More information: ikeyp.com

Windshield kit

I recently received a sample of the Nite Ize Steelie FreeMount Windshield Kit ($44.99) and I finally got it unboxed and on my windshield (a rental while I’m on a business trip).

The delay is using aside, what a great device for home or travel. The mount holds my iPhone in place so I can keep my eyes on the road while having an assist with driving directions from the smartphone.

A suction cup keeps it attached to the windshield. The company calls it patented suction technology; I call it a secure fit.

1-Gadget Guru

The Nite Ize Steelie FreeMount Windshield Kit.

TNS Handout

It includes an adjustable aluminum arm and a FreeMount bracket, which will hold most every smartphone.

This all results in a secure hold, which you can adjust to any angle for viewing. Then when your done, release your phone.

Since the FreeMount is magnetic, you can attach it securely to other magnetic surfaces such as kitchen appliances.

An easy-to-use locking lever that attaches to the suction cup is the key to the system, which also features a quick release.

More: niteize.com

Camera system

The SpiderPro V2, an ergonomic camera-carrying solution for photographers, has been launched by Spider Camera Holster.

The updated holster system was designed by professional photographers, enabling heavy DSLR cameras to be carried while limiting neck, shoulder and back strain.

I’ve used the system, which is comfortable but most importantly gives me instant, quick-draw access to my camera. Equipment is securely attached when not in use.

2-Gadget Guru

The SpiderPro V2.

TNS Handout

The SpiderPro V2 plate has anti-slip rubber grips, an anti-twist pin composed of stainless steel for increased strength and an improved design for a seamless carrying experience.

The plate attaches to the V2 belt, which has been updated to easily adjust, fitting users with waist sizes of 28-50 inches.

The SpiderPro Single Camera System (SCS) V2 sells for $150, which includes the SpiderPro Holster V2, SpiderPro Plate V2 and SpiderPro Belt V2.

You can purchase the system as a whole or in pieces; check the the Spider Camera Holster site for details.

More: spiderholster.com

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