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Google App Gets 'Tappable Shortcuts' for Interest-Based Searches on Android, iOS – NDTV

Google has redesigned its search app to introduce a new app launcher with shortcuts for Web apps like translate, coin flip, sports, weather, and more. The redesign is for both Android and iOS apps, and it brings a new way to explore Google based on topics of interest.

Normally, users search the app for specific things, and Google gives out links accordingly. But for those who are looking at topics of interest, this new feature that Google calls ‘tappable shortcuts’ will be useful. There are several shortcut icons for topics like entertainment, sports, weather, food and drink, and many more. Android users will find dozens of other useful shortcuts like translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter, and more. Additionally, there are shortcuts like tic-tac-toe, roll a die, animal sounds, solitaire, and the much famous ‘I’m feeling curious’.

“Now with a tap on the entertainment shortcut, you can see what’s playing this weekend at your local theatre or what to watch on TV. You can also get the latest news from both the small and silver screens. You can tap into news, trailers and reviews that are relevant for you or swipe through listings to catch up on your favourite show. When you’re curious about nearby lunch options or outdoor dining for your weekend getaway, the eat and drink shortcut is your local scout. Access nearby dining options, explore recommendations and stay updated on the dining scene in your neighbourhood. It’s the easiest way to uncover nearby must-try spots while you’re out and about,” Google explains on its blog.

You can find the shortcut bar right below the search bar in the Google app once you update to the latest version. It’s worth noting that the update is rolling out only to US users, and there’s no word on worldwide availability at the moment.

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