COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX) – Parents of students in one Midlands school district say they are worried about their children’s safety after the students received explicit messages on school chrome books.

We won’t identify the people who spoke to us to protect their identity.

One mom that spoke with News 19 said the situation has affected their family at home.

“My kids don’t want to sleep in their own room and it’s hard to get sleep because every little noise you hear, you don’t know if that’s somebody trying to get inside your house,” said one mother.

This mom of a Richland Northeast High School student says her child received threatening messages through an app. She says some of the messages from the unknown person threaten to kidnap her.

The child says it’s a scary feeling.

“I really don’t feel safe here anymore knowing that he can describe my body type and stuff. He’s called me beautiful and it’s nice to get a compliment but to be that precise and snatch someone up for their own personal pleasure,” said the child.

A parent of another child tells News 19 the unknown person sent a picture of their home to their child to show they know where they live. It doesn’t sit well with this father.

“When my daughter tells me that she doesn’t feel comfortable, that’s an issue. A real big issue,” said the father.

Parents who talked with us say they had a meeting with school administrators and said they were already aware of the issue because it’s happened to multiple students. These parents said they don’t believe the school is taking this issue seriously enough.

“Human trafficking is real. Very real. I have a problem with the lack of communication between the administration and the parent,” said the parent.

We reached out to Richland School District Two and they say Richland County Deputies are investigating the incidents.

For these parents, they want other adults to make sure they check up on their kids to make sure they’re safe. These parents say they want you to be active looking at their social media as well as be active in their lives.

“Parents, please, please, be on top of that. Look into it. Be active,” said one parent.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department says they are investigating the incidents.

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