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Networking Giant Cisco Organizes 48-Hour Blockchain Brainstorm – newsBTC

Every company has its own culture and practices when it comes to ideation and visualization of products. Cisco, the leading network infrastructure provider, has recently decided to leverage the power of the crowd to decide upon the future of blockchain innovation. Earlier last week, the company’s Hyperinnovation Living Labs organized a 48-hour brainstorming session in this regard.

The event was reported in Cisco’s recent blog post. According to the post, the event was held inside a portion of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Participants in the brainstorming session included executives, customers, thinkers and innovators who were involved in an intellectual discussion about ways to secure digitized supply chain using blockchain technology. The session also included visual representations of blockchain enacted by colored lighting.

The interactive session involved enacting various attack scenarios on blockchain nodes, represented by red colored hanging lantern while those functioning normally were colored green. Participants in the brainstorming session were given the task to thwart the attack, preventing it from disrupting the network.

The whole set up was designed and erected by Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs’ (CHILL) Senior Innovation Architect, Shannon Lucas. Lucas explaining the reason behind such an enactment said,

“CHILL is all about doing a form of learning. By building a prototype, a physical representation of the blockchain itself, we could move the conversation from the theoretical to the tangible. That’s why we build over a hundred prototypes over the course of the lab.”

The whole scenario was part of the rapid prototyping process where participants came up with a range of solutions whose pros and cons could be weighed before such a solution is considered for further development. The CHILL gathering was composed of Concept Team, Build Team, Insight Team and the Investment Panel. The explored opportunity areas included Data Intelligence, Virtual Supply Chain Security, Cross-Border Transactions, “New Ways to Move” and “Safe, Certified and Circular.”

Teams working through the 48-hour stretch proposed and built various prototypes, some of which will see implementation in the coming months, to further strengthen its existing network infrastructure solution that’s already in use and the $500 billion worth supply chain business.

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