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New iOS 11 Concept Envisions Advanced Siri Features, Dark Mode – iDrop News

The announcement of iOS 11 is just days away and yet we’re still not sure what features and improvements the new operating system will bring to the table. Despite that, one designer has created an extremely cool iOS 11 concept with a plethora of features that we hope Apple will introduce. Take a look at the video below, and the corresponding gallery on Imgur.

The improvements Litaya envisions include an updated Today Page that combines Siri suggestions, widgets and a revamped Control Center into one convenient suite. In the concept, Siri will give specific app actions according to various factors such as the time and your location, in addition to learning and adapting to your individual taste and preferences.

The Today Page also includes a convenient Home and Now Playing menu to bring frequently used features into one place. Litaya’s concept also shows off some serious Siri upgrades that echo recent Apple rumors and patents. For one, the concept shows a new, chat-based design for Siri that will be easily accessed and dismissed. What’s more, the concept features an offline mode that will allow it to answer basic questions without internet connectivity. Other advanced Siri concepts include rich 3D-enabled responses and AR camera integration similar to Google’s planned Lens feature.

The concept art also features third-party add-on support for the Camera app — similar to the revamp that Messages got in iOS 10 — as well as a redesign that makes one-handed use easier and the addition of video resolution settings right in the app itself. There’s also a new Dock that can hold your favorite apps in memory, as well as some nifty upgrades to the Phone app, including the ability to automatically add nearby iPhones to your contacts via AirDrop.

iOS 11 Concept

Other cool features include an iOS-wide Dark Mode that looks like the makeover that Clock received in iOS 10. There are some iPad-specific upgrade concepts too, like Multi-Window and Multi-User support that would make Apple’s flagship tablet even more like a computer in terms of functionality.

iOS 11 Concept

Of course, as cool as the concepts are, they are still only concepts and are more of a wish list of possible iOS 11 features than an actual render of the new operating system. As far as what iOS 11 will actually look like, we’ll have to wait just a few more days to find out.


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