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Police: Man gropes 15-year-old girl, steals laptop after barging into Taylorsville home – KUTV 2News

Ezra Goodman. (Photo courtesy of Salt Lake County jail)

(KUTV) — A 29-year-old man is in jail after breaking into a Taylorsville home, stealing a $1,500 laptop and groping a 15-year-old girl, police say.

On February 3, a 15-year-old girl was at home when she heard knocking on her back door.

She could see a man through the glass waiting outside. He was only wearing blue boxers and a red t-shirt. He was carrying a stack of clothing and appeared to be under the influence, court documents state.

The girl came to the door and he pointed to his wrist, as if to ask what time it is. The 15-year-old girl opened the door and told him that it was 10 o’ clock.

The man, identified as Ezra Ryan Goodman, then barged into the home “aggressively and uninvited,” court documents state. Goodman began to wander throughout the home, searching all the bedrooms.

According to the girl, he said, “I have to do this” and grabbed her buttocks, over the clothes.

The girl was terrified and ran to a neighbor’s home for help, court documents state. She described the intruder as a tall Native-American in his 30’s with chin-length black hair.

She then called her uncle, Stephen Peck, to tell him about the incident.

As this was going on, police were responding to a report of clothing items found on a neighbor’s fence, court documents state.

The neighbor to whom the girl fled, identified as Namik Hasic, said his residence had been burglarized by Goodman before. Hasic stated that the description the 15-year-old girl gave of the suspect matched Goodman’s appearance.

When the girl’s uncle came home, he found that his $1,500 laptop was missing.

Authorities compiled a line-up of six photos, one of which was of Goodman, and showed each picture to the girl. She identified Goodman as the man who had entered the home and groped her, court documents state.

Police spoke with Goodman’s aunt, Irene Hernandez, who lives close to the the 15-year-old girl and Hasic. Hernandez told authorities that Goodman showed up at her house wearing only boxers and a flag wrapped around him, and he was carrying a laptop.

Goodman was taken into custody and is currently in jail. Authorities are seeking a warrant in order to ensure he appears at his court hearing, and to prevent further problems.

“The facts and circumstances of the offense demand a warrant,” court documents state. “These allegations are serious and troubling.”

Goodman faces the following charges:

  • Burglary, a second degree felony
  • Sexual abuse of a minor, a third degree felony
  • Theft, a third degree felony

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