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RESULTS: Clutch Gaming Have A Clutch Victory Over Flyquest. – Twin Galaxies (satire) (press release) (blog)

Clutch Gaming have secured their spot in playoffs by taking down Flyquest

With so much on the line for both teams, it’s no surprise that they played it a little safe. For Flyquest, a victory would mean a better chance at making the playoffs, and for Clutch Gaming, a victory would mean their post-season would be secure. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

Clutch Gaming made the first move, rotating to the Dragon pit to secure the first Dragon of the game. With both teams continuing to lane safely, Clutch Gaming’s jungler LirA made the call to take the Rift Herald, before a minor skirmish broke out in the river. Both teams attempted to collapse onto the other, but both were able to withdraw with no casualties.

When the second Dragon spawned, both teams attempted to establish control of the zone, however it was Flyquest that was able to strike first, taking down Clutch jungler LirA for first blood and securing the Dragon for themselves.

When Flyquest recall after pushing the map, Clutch Gaming seize their advantage and rush down the Baron, giving them some much needed pushing power. While Clutch use this power to advance down the lanes for some time, Flyquest are able to prevent too much from happening. By the time the second Baron spawns, Clutch are able to secure it at the cost of their support, and this pick allows Flyquest to dive forward and catch out the AD Carry of Clutch gaming, while also taking down the mid lane inhibitor turret.

Clutch Gaming use the power of the Baron to push the mid lane out, before falling back to secure their third Dragon of the game. Splitting the push between the top and mid lane, Clutch Gaming are able to force Flyquest into an engage that spreads into the jungle, before Clutch Gaming take down the AD Carry and support of Flyquest, putting them on the board.

Both team posture in the mid lane, torn between the two major objectives of Baron and Elder Dragon, before Clutch are able to take down Flame, and move to the Baron. Flyquest attempt to secure the Elder Dragon in response, but LirA is able to steal it away, leaving Clutch Gaming with an overwhelming advantage. With the power of both objectives, Clutch Gaming are able to destroy two inhibitors, before Flyquest engage upon them. No-one falls in the ensuing team fight, but both teams are forced to withdraw.

Clutch Gaming turn their attention to the top lane and begin sieging the base. Flyquest attempt to engage upon them in defence, but lose three members in the process, allowing Clutch Gaming to proceed with the victory.

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