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The biggest iPhone game of 2017, HQ Trivia, is coming to Android for Christmas – Business Insider Nordic

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  • Smash-hit iPhone game “HQ Trivia” is coming to Android
    on Christmas, the game’s maker says.
  • The game combines trivia questions with a live video
    feed of a host, and it’s become a massive success.
  • Thus far, the game was limited by its availability on
    one platform.

The breakout hit iPhone game of 2017 has undoubtedly been “HQ
Trivia,” a live trivia game that went from curiosity to viral hit
seemingly overnight. And now, in a few weeks, it’s finally coming
to Android.

The makers announced the news in a
tweet on December 5
, which read, “Hey world, we hear you also
have Android phones? HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming
your way.” The game’s Twitter profile more directly confirms the
release date: “Coming for Android this Christmas,” it says.

In the last few weeks, “HQ Trivia” has exploded in popularity and
users. Live games regularly garner a quarter million players, all
attempting to answer every question correctly – winners get real
cash as a prize, which is paid out to players through Paypal.

HQ Trivia


It’s this combination of trivia, cash prizes, and a live video
feed that’s drawn so many players. But it’s one of the game’s
“hosts,” a man named Scott Rogowsky, who’s kept so many fans

Rogowsky is the man in the suit seen above, known for his quirky
personality and penchant for creating slang words. He calls
players “HQties” (pronounced “H-cuties”), makes hilarious hand
gestures, and lets slip little bits about himself while hosting
the phone-based, live game show. He’s often the subject of memes
from the game’s prolific, passionate fanbase.

He even appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” due to the
game’s massive sudden popularity:

It’s not clear which Android phones will work with “HQ Trivia”
when it arrives on December 25, but we’d expect the last few
years of major flagship phones from Samsung, LG, and others to be

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