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Unleash Your Inner Hero With These 4 iOS RPG Games – The Mac Observer

If you like going on adventures, fighting monsters, looting treasure, and saving that poor lad in distress, you’ll love these iOS RPG games. We’ve rounded up four games to check out.

Rogue Hearts

Screenshots of Rogue Hearts, one of the iOS RPG games.Rogue Hearts is a modern dungeon crawler, and you’ll need to develop a strategy to play. You can fight boss monsters, explore randomly generated dungeons, and use characters in close combat and long distance skills. But it’s not just about battling; you’ll be tasked with puzzles and traps to keep you on your toes. | Rogue Hearts – US$0.99

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Screenshots of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, one of the iOS RPG games.Final Fantasy is the quintessential role playing game, and there’s a new mobile version. After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim agree to an armistice. As a symbol of peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, will wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. The prince sets forth for his wedding, but the journey ahead is filled with danger. | Final Fantasy XV – Free

Like a Boss

Screenshots of Like a Boss, one of the iOS RPG games.Like a Boss isn’t your typical RPG game. The tables have turned, and you play as the villain. You’re the boss of a dungeon, and you have to fight off guilds of heroes trying to steal your loot. Save other mini bosses, take out quest givers, or team up with other bosses. | Like a Boss – Free


Screenshots of Animus, one of the iOS RPG games.Animus tries to be different than other RPGs. It doesn’t fill the screen with numbers or “excessive effects.” Instead, it’s all about engaging combat. It has linear progression, four levels of difficulty, 24 main quests, 11 main boss fights, and it’s MFi controller compatible. And did I mention how great the graphics look? | Animus – US$7.99

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