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We built a high-end gaming PC out of Cyber Monday deals for $1130 – PC Gamer

We love a good bargain, and the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend is one of the best times of the year to find great deals on PC hardware. While we have multiple regular build guides (over to the right), for Cyber Monday we wanted to assemble some better bargains. This build is based on short-term deals, most of which expire at midnight tonight.

Our extreme budget build covers the essentials for a PC that’s still a capable gaming rig, but this upgraded version will last you well into the 2020s. We’re starting with our all-around best PC build, which currently sits at $1,450, and then looking for ways to save money. Right now, we can save over $250.

We’ll lave limited commentary on the individual parts, and we’ll be updating links as appropriate throughout the day. Many of the best deals will sell out, however, so we can’t guarantee all parts will always be in stock.

We’re including savings that come via mail-in rebates (MIR) or rebate cards. The price also doesn’t account for the operating system or any peripherals. Check our Cyber Monday accessories for deals on mice, keyboards, and gaming monitors for recommendations in those areas.

The best Cyber Monday gaming PC

GTX 1080, $500 (save $35), B&H The GTX 1080 is the second fastest consumer graphics card, and it will handle 1440p or even 4k gaming for the next several years. The Zotac Mini is the cheapest 1080 currently available, and one of the few models selling below MSRP.

Intel Core i5-8400, $200, B&H Demand for the latest Intel 8th Gen processors is so high that most are out of stock, and for good reason. No other processor delivers the same bang for the buck. Don’t settle; just wait for the i5-8400 to come back in stock.

Crucial 480GB SATA, $135 (save $10), Amazon An M.2 drive might be faster, but SATA drives are still plenty fast for gaming purposes. Crucial’s BX300 is the newest model from the company, with decent overall performance. It’s also one of the few SSDs still in stock with a discounted price.

GeIL Evo Portenza 2x8GB, $130 (save $38), Newegg We recommend getting at least 16GB of DDR4 memory for a PC intended to last a while. This is the lowest price we can find for such a kit, and overclockers should be able to increase the clockspeed and lower the timings a bit.

This is an excellent gaming PC for $1130, once you get the $65 in rebates. That’s $320 cheaper than our normal best gaming PC recommendation, for the same level of gaming performance, and $268 in total Cyber Monday savings. The only way to get something faster would be to go with multiple graphics cards (which often won’t help in modern games), or upgrade to the significantly more expensive GTX 1080 Ti.

The GTX 1080 continues to power through most games at 60+ fps and 1440p, and if you’re willing to toy with settings, even 4k is doable. Plus there’s plenty of room for future growth, in the form of additional storage, more memory, and future GPUs that should keep this system gaming happily for years to come. You can even upgrade to a faster CPU down the line, and there are rumors the Z370 platform will support 8-core/16-thread processors in the future.

If you’re planning to load up with games and other things, you should probably consider adding a hard drive to the mix. It’ll bring the price up slightly, but with Cyber Monday deals, hard drives are on a hot streak. Even with the additional storage, you’re still sitting below $1,200 on an extremely potent gaming rig. Our pick would be:

With 3TB of secondary storage, you can move all your older, less-played games off the SSD, while keeping the important stuff like your OS and apps on the fast storage. We recommend the Steam Library Manager (free!) for handling relocation of your Steam games. Other services will need to be handled separately.

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.  

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